Norwegian Offshore Wind is aiming to be the strongest supply chain for floating offshore wind world wide. Norway have a very strong petro-maritime supply chain, well fit to take, and hold this position. Companies like Equinor, Aker Solutions and Kværner are in the forefront already, as a number of other Norwegian based companies. Membership is open for any type of company or organization, international as well.

In November 2018 Norwegian Offshore Wind was awarded the position as a ARENA Cluster, through Norwegian Innovation Clusters.

As a member of Norwegian Offshore Wind you will be well informed about the development of offshore wind both in a Global, European and National perspective. You will be invited to meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, international travels, demonstrations and likewise. As a member your company will have the possibility to give direct input to the cluster administration and steering committee, as to influence administrative and political decisions on a national level. The cluster administration also provide innovation consultancy towards innovation and R&D projects, and help your company to connect to R&D institutes with the relevant competence, and to other companies, all to strengthen the position for your company in this marked.

Membership for 2022 is as follows
(NB! 50 % discount from September):

  • Startups*: NOK 5 000
  • Small size companies (less than 100 mill NOK annual turnover): NOK 10 000
  • Medium size companies (less than 500 mill NOK annual turnover): NOK 15 000
  • Large companies (more than 500 mill NOK annual turnover): NOK 20 000

*Criteria’s for the Startups category:

  • Less than 2 mill NOK annual turnover
  • Less than 3 employees




We are ready for Arendalsuka!

Post During Norway´s biggest political workshop, we invite you to exciting discussions with leading politicians and experts on export, co-existence, entrepreneurship and industry building. Read more about our program here (In Norwegian only).

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About us

Our goal is to increase profits by cooperating on innovation and market opportunities in offshore wind.

New competence will help Norwegian offshore wind companies succeed

Chris Harman, Caroline Whittle and Cecilia Girard-Vika will be part of the Norwegian Offshore Wind team. Norwegian Offshore Wind are happy to have three new employees with exciting backgrounds on board.Cecilia Girard Vika, Chris Harman and Caroline Whittle will be...

Ireland – a fast emerging market for offshore wind

MRC Global is one of the companies who wants to hit the UK market. PHOTO: Arne Vatnøy/Norwegian Offshore Wind. The estimated total capacity in Ireland by 2037 is 8,2 GW. The Irishmen are looking to Norway for supply chain partners. The first projects will start...