Steering committee:

Gunnar Birkeland – Chairman (Unitech Offshore)
Jon Arne Silgjerd (Automasjon&Data)
Knut Vassbotn (Aker Solutions)
Olav Weider (Dr.techn. Olav Olsen)
Frank Emil Moen (Energy Innovation)
Ivar Slengesol (Eksportkreditt)
Marit Haavardsholm (Equinor)
Birger Haraldseid (Greater Stavanger)
Magne Bjelland (Kværner)
Simon Næsse (Marin Energi Testsenter)
Einar Tollaksvik (Saga Subsea)
Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa (Universitetet i Bergen)


Hearing for opening areas for offshore wind Norway

On July 2, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy sent a proposal for the opening of offshore areas for renewable energy production, as well as a proposal for regulations on renewable energy production at sea for public consultation. Final date for this...

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Successful Cluster meeting!

More than 40 people attended the yearly lunch to lunch Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster meeting at Stord Monday and Tuesday this week. The feedback from the participants was very good. Many of the companies had short presentations of their doings and plans in the fast...

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