Steering committee:

Gunnar Birkeland – Chairman (Unitech Offshore)
Jon Arne Silgjerd (Automasjon&Data)
Knut Vassbotn (Aker Solutions)
Olav Weider (Dr.techn. Olav Olsen)
Frank Emil Moen (Energy Innovation)
Ivar Slengesol (Eksportkreditt)
Marit Haavardsholm (Equinor)
Birger Haraldseid (Greater Stavanger)
Magne Bjelland (Kværner)
Simon Næsse (Marin Energi Testsenter)
Einar Tollaksvik (Saga Subsea)
Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa (Universitetet i Bergen)


Innovation Advisory for member companies

Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster has started innovation advisory for our members. We help member companies in the process of setting up innovation and / or R&D projects, supported by Innovation Norway or The Norwegian Research Council (so this is for Norwegian...

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Attend our Working Groups!

We are happy to announce that Mr. Jørn A. Uggerud, lawyer and partner of the law firm Hjord DA in Oslo, is new working group leader for "Contracts". Jørn has three decades of experience with contract law, company law and transaction-related assistance to clients in...

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