R&D Webinar – Model Testing for Floating Wind Turbines

The working group for R&D at NOWC, in collaboration with SINTEF Ocean, invites you to attend a webinar on model testing for floating wind turbines. We will present the reasons for model testing and the different approaches to perform model scale tests with floating wind turbines.

22 November 2021 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CET).  – FREE OF CHARGE – OPEN FOR ALL –

The presentation will be given by Maxime Thys, research manager in experimental hydrodynamics at SINTEF Ocean.

Performing model tests with offshore structures is standard practice in the industry and often required or recommended by classification societies. The model tests are typically performed to 1) do a final verification of the concept in realistic environment, 2) generate data for validation and verification of numerical tools used in the design, and 3) to study specific phenomena that are difficult to model numerically (e.g. slamming, wave run-up, …).

Floating offshore wind turbines are structures growing larger and thinner (i.e. flexible structures) that are subject to waves, wind and current and that are controller by the wind turbine controller. Performing model tests with such complex structures in realistic conditions is challenging but also necessary. We will see how the first wind turbines were tested by use of the classical Froude scaling approach and how and why hybrid testing, combining experiments and real-time simulations, has been developed for floating offshore wind turbines.

This webinar is part of a series of webinars in which the member institutions in the working group for R&D at NOWC have an alternating responsibility.


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