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Contact Astrid Green from Norwegian Offshore Wind about the Global Growth US program

With a potential to produce more than 200 GW of electric power, and an expectation of generating more than one hundred billion USD over the next decade, the US market represents a huge opportunity for Norwegian Companies.

Join our Global Growth program to explore the unique opportunity in this market. In this program we collaborate with Innovation Norway, Norwegian Energy Partners and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The 15 companies entering into the Global Growth program must have a high level of ambition, an export strategy supported by their board and executive management, sufficient financial resources and capacity for investment, as well as the ability to scale up.

-The US currently has very little offshore wind installed capacity, but commercial activity is ramping up quickly and will generate opportunities for well positioned Norwegian companies to export to the US market or to partner with US companies says Arvid Nesse, manager of Norwegian Offshore Wind.

What you get

The goal of the program is to help your company increase exports by enabling you to better understand the opportunities, obstacles, and challenges in the market.

We aim to bring Norwegian expertise and solutions into the US offshore wind industry where there is still comparatively little experience developing offshore wind projects and the where the local industry is actively looking to Europe’s three decades of experience. Based on identified needs in the US offshore wind market, we will give a selected group of Norwegian companies access to unique arenas for meetings with key US market players and stakeholders.

You will receive help to identify potential customers and partners, as well as support toward making that initial sale. Based on your focus and needs, you will be introduced to key personnel within the industry, including state regulatory authorities, offshore wind farm developers, top tier suppliers, financial institutions, and other potential customers.


Participation fee:

25,000 Norwegian kroner per company

Questions? Contact:

Antonio Raposo, Advisor, Innovation Norway New York 
Tel: +1 646 541 1343

Astrid Green, Business Development Manager
Tel: +47 481 77 389


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