Makani LLC today announces a partnership with Shell.

Makani will from June 2019 start a test program at Metcentre, Karmøy.

Makani is an independent company founded by Alphabet (Google), based in California. They are developing energy kites that use a wing tethered to a ground station to generate electricity at utility-scale. They want energy kites to have a positive global impact, starting with a demonstration project in Norway.

Makani has in collaboration with Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and Metcentre searched for Norwegian partners to prepare for and execute their offshore testing program:

“We have partnered with local companies to prepare for and execute our offshore testing program. We have also collaborated with Metcentre, which is a public-private partnership that is majority-owned by local governments. Metcentre was established to facilitate test projects in offshore wind. We are also utilizing the experience and capabilities of more than two dozen Norwegian companies. We look forward to sharing more about Makani’s technology development story as it develops.”

The Makani kite during a flight test in Hawaii in 2018: