Last week, Makani’s energy kite flew over the sea at the Metcentre test site.
This flight was made possible based on a collaboration with many of the members of the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.
More information about this first autonomous flight in this blogpost from the Makani CEO, Fort Felker.
In a press release this afternoon Central European Time Makani says:

“The first offshore flight of our airborne wind power system, this test demonstrated that Makani’s energy kite technology works. The low mass of Makani’s floating offshore wind solution means that once commercialized, energy kites have the potential to bring power to hundreds of millions of people living along the world’s coastlines where the wind is strong and steady, but the water is too deep to fix wind turbines to the ocean floor. The flight last week is a big step towards achieving that milestone. Makani’s involvement with the Norwegian community has been a very positive experience and we look forward to future flights.”