METCentre wants to establish a wave observatory


The METCentre outside of Karmøy has attracted a lot of attention and visits from politicians and stake holders. 

The aim is to increase knowledge about environmental effects and provide better system control within floating technology.

Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster is looking at the possibilities of a wave observatory together with the Norwegian Research Center (NORCE).

 METCentre is focusing on providing areas for testing floating offshore wind technology, and have two turbines in operation at their north sea test site. There are five more in the pipe line.

-A wave obersvatory can provide valuable data and knowledge that can actually benefit many floating industries in the future, not just offshore wind, says project manager at the METCentre Hanne Tvedt.

Today, the data from waves are limited. NORCE is collaborating with the MiT Ocean Research, and they have developed RIMARC  - a system which predicts immediate wave activity and waves 4-8 minutes ahead. This system will be the basis of a wave observatory at the METCentre.

Tvedt believes that a closer monitoring of waves in the North Sea will be beneficial for the planned floating wind park Utsira Nord outside the coast of Rogaland. 

Tetra Spar is connected to the grid

Project manager Hanne Tvedt.

-But of course, we aim to test radar technology that can provide useful knowledge for offshore wind developers and suppliers all around the globe, says Tvedt.  


Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and VRI Rogaland will host a network meeting for the industry, research environments and the business support system, to discuss the possibilities of a wave observatory, and further collaboration. Please sign up if you are interested in learning more.

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