Pioneer project in offshore wind now produces power in Norway


PHOTO: Reidar Børtveit, Unitech

TetraSpar Demonstrator is the world's first floating offshore wind turbine of its kind. This week it got connected to the grid in Norway.

In July, the turbine was towed from Denmark to the test arena METCenter outside Karmøy.

-This is a milestone for innovation in floating offshore wind. We are proud that the owners choose further testing and development in Norway, and we are pleased that TetraSpar Demo is in operationl, says Arvid Nesse, head of Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and METCenter.

TetraSpar Demonstrator is owned by Shell, TEPCO RP, RWE and Stiesdal. This week the turbine was connected to the grid, and now it produces renewable energy. This means that the two turbines outside Karmøy together supply power corresponding to the consumption of 1300 households.

Around 30 Norwegian suppliers have been involved in the project, and almost 60 in total have contributed to the connection process. The cable connecting the turbine to the grid is developed in Norway by. The company also operates the first floating offshore wind turbine Zefyros at MetCEnter, and the center will expand its capacity with five new projects.

The Sustainable Energy Catapult Center secured the financing when Zefyros was rebuilt this summer to serve as a connection point for TetraSpar, the upcoming wind turbines and the power grid. The Catapult Center now gives small and large companies the opportunity to test new technology on Zefyros, in real surroundings, while the wind turbines produce electricity for land.

Tetra Spar is connected to the grid

PHOTO: Reidar Børtveit, Unitech

PHOTO: Reidar Børtveit, Unitech

Easy to scale up

The grid connection of TetraSpar Demonstrator is the first important step towards a commercialization and upscaling of new floating offshore wind technology. The concept will reduce costs, be easier to build, transport and install.

- First and foremost, we are happy to have completed all phases of the project without any significant safety incidents, even though we have delivered a very innovative project. Here, there are many elements that are first of their kind in the world, says chairman of the board of TetraSpar Demonstrator Henrik Stiesdal.

According to the company, TetraSpar Demonstrator has the world's first floating foundation that is fully industrialized. In practice, this means that it can easily be put into mass production.

Stiesdal believes the collaboration in the project has been crucial to its success.

-The solid experience of our partners has been invaluable in this regard. All indications are that our main goal, to accelerate the industrialization of floating offshore wind, can actually be achieved, not only at the prototype level, but on a large scale, says Stiesdal.

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Tetra Spar is connected to the grid