It is a pleasure to announce that Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster (NOWC) located in Norway, signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the local maritime cluster of The Canary Islands, Cluster Maritimo de Canarias, which is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Elba Bueno Cabrera, Cluster Maritimo de Canarias and Arvid Nesse Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.

The purpose of the agreement is to provide the framework for further collaboration with the sole purpose to strengthening the supply chain for future offshore wind projects in The Canaries, in Spain but also in Norway.  

NOWC has identified Spain as an attractive market for Norway, where the cluster has established a dedicated task force focusing on positioning the Norwegian supply chain in the emerging Spanish offshore wind market. Einar Tollaksvik, the leader of the task force, states that: 

“Norway and Spain are two significant maritime nations that have a lot to contribute to the development of the offshore wind industry. After the two leading test centres for floating renewable technology (MET Centre and PLOCAN) signed their MOU, we are confident that this MOU will give a substantial contribution to establish strong and local supply chains for both countries.”  

“We hope that the OTD Energy 2021 could be the launch pad for implementing this MoU for stakeholders from both sides. Thus it is a pleasure that we are joined by our friends from The Canaries connecting to Norwegian supplier industry, vessel owners and contractors”. 

CMC states the following:

”We consider that it is necessary for the Canarian business fabric to provide technological meetings with the Norwegian renewable energy sector, which allow us to diversify our activities towards this emerging sector in our archipelago, so that we can develop our capacities in the energy sector offshore wind. The Canary Islands Maritime Cluster integrates activities such as port logistics or ship repair, very interested in the possibilities offered by this MOU, signed today.”

“The Norwegian presence in the Canary Islands is clear, which is why there have always been fraternal ties between Norway and the Canary Islands, which have made it possible for this project to be easily consolidated for both parties. For us, it is a country with which it is comfortable and easy for us to ally ourselves and we understand that this MoU will serve as a tool to continue working with Norwegian companies.”

The NOWC is a Norwegian, Government approved, cluster and business association with the aim of being the strongest supply chain for floating offshore wind worldwide. In 2018 awarded the position as a ARENA Cluster through Norwegian Innovation Clusters. Currently counting more than 300 member companies, the NOWC have a wide spectrum of members operating all over the supply chain and capable of attending all deliverables to any ongoing offshore wind project.

The CMC is an innovative business group founded in 2008.

The CMC is recognized as an Innovative Business Group (AEI) by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MINETUR). Its main objective is to promote the development and international competitiveness of the Canary Islands maritime sector through the integration, creation, strengthening and sustainability of companies and agents that are within the value chain of the maritime sector, promoting their international presence and Increase its technological and innovative level. 

Briefly about the agreement

The purpose of the agreement is “forming a strong bond between NOWC and CMC to assist the further development of floating offshore wind supply chains in Norway and The Canaries but also Spain, which shall be conducted through the following operational objectives:

  • The clusters agree to champion floating offshore wind in their respective countries as well as jointly when the opportunity arises.
  • The clusters agree to seek areas of strategic benefit to their countries and regions, as well as their supply chain members through collaboration and partnership working.    
  • Delivering a range of activities for their members to engage in, for mutual benefit as well as cluster-to-cluster activities of a strategic nature.

Key activities will be:

The above goals will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:

  1. Shared events where the membership, affiliated of both clusters are invited to participate. Topics for such events to be decided by mutual agreement between the cluster management or by input from their membership.
  2. Opportunities to do business – both clusters agree to disseminate opportunities for members to do business. These can take the form of ‘Meet the Buyer’ industry events in either country, knowledge of tender opportunities, innovation funding calls etc.
  3. Partnership working – encourage knowledge exchange between respective cluster members, affiliated and assist the members to form partnerships or joint ventures to win new business (from any of the activities outlined in 2. above) or develop new products and services.
  4. Dissemination – support the sharing of media campaigns, press activity, online media and other PR activity from either cluster through cluster networks e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, web sites etc

The collaboration agreement was signed on Wednesday 20.10.2021 by Arvid Nesse, General Manager of NOWC, and Vicente Marrero Dominguez, Chairman of CMC.


NOWC: Arvid Nesse,, +47 975 97 384

CMC: Elba Bueno Cabrera,, +34 673 516 505