Last week HVL-Haugesund had a visit to Kværner facilities at Stord, Norway (15.03.19). The purpose of the visit was to collect relevant information from Kværner regarding decommissioning experience from the offshore oil and gas business, and to invite Kværner to collaborate with HVL in the project DecomTools. 


The project DecomTools is financed by EU program Interreg to develop eco-innovative concepts for the end-of-life for offshore wind energy farms. The main purpose is to develop tools that will be relevant for the future decommissioning of offshore wind farms in Europe. 

In this occasion Kværner presented some of their experience in decommissioning projects including a guided visit to their disposal site. HVL introduce the Decom Tools project and invited Kværner to collaborate as a member of an expert committee. This collaboration will allow transferring some of their industry knowledge into the DecomTools project deliverables in a transnational collaboration with other DecomTools stakeholders from EU.

Kvaerner has been involved with offshore decommissioning and onshore demolition and disposal since the mid-1990s. Their experience mainly relate to the oil and gas industry, but they have also experience from one project with decommissioning of offshore wind turbines.

Kvaerner’s onshore demolition and recycling activities are run from their base at Stord, Norway. Main services provided are onshore receipt, deconstruction and disposal of offshore structures. The disposal site at Stord has approximately 80 000 (m2), with high capacity equipment park, a water treatment plant for safe containment and treatment of various subtances. The recycling target for their project is close to 100%.